Every Monday at 16:00 a group of motivated enthusiasts gather in the Estonian IT college’s room 320 to build, analyse, learn, teach and share interesting things. Our activities are aimed at all levels of proficiency, so interest is all you need to join us! For now we will call this sub group of LUG, .hack (dot hack).

During this weeks meet we discussed the architecture and inner working of the itc-kit and a short overview of emacs and clojure was given. We also discussed some interesting ideas for a project we might work on together.

In general the aim with the itc-kit overview was to show our members what a full blown application might look like and explain how often occurring problems were solved, some of the topics covered: saving settings in json, storing data in a database, multi threaded programs, integration via shell scripts, object oriented programming.

A short overview of emacs and clojure was just to bring some variety to the table. This also brought awareness to the fact that there are some interesting and powerful tools that were built long ago but still remain very much relevant due to being able to efficiently handle problems in today’s world. (concurrency, complexity - Lisp(Clojure) 1958, Text editing - Emacs 1976).

Some relevant links:

Python basics: Code Academy , Binary Clock practice kit

Json: json editor

Clojure/Clojurescript: Clojurescript koans, Clojure koans

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