Here are some materials that might be helpful:

EIK Extracurricular activities list - If you want to do a Project with some support, check here.

r/learnpython learning resources - An extensive list of resources for learning python.

Composing Programs - A free online book about methods for abstraction, programming paradigms, and techniques for managing the complexity of large programs. Also a good resource for learning Python (First chapters are beginner friendly, gets progressively harder).

HackerRank - A competitive coding site. Has a wide selection of programming languages and domains to choose from. No need to actually compete, it doubles as an excellent source for practice exercises.

Python Cheat Sheet - As the name implies a cheat sheet. A bit colourful and cluttered at first, but just look at the parts and it can be very helpful.

Online Python Tutor - A tool to visualize python program execution.

Visual Algo & algorithm visualisation - Visualisation of data structures and algorithms.

Desktop Environments for Linux & Gnome Look - Have linux installed, but want to make it look pleasing to the eyes? You’re welcome.

DistroWatch - Have a look here to see what the different shapes and sizes of linux are up to or what exists at all.